International Youth Summer school attendants visiting SENSE Center (photo Noel Seidel)

The participants of the Summer camp for the young people working with the young to advance the culture of remembrance and human rights visited SENSE Center in Pula to learn about the work of the SENSE-Tribunal News Agency and its successor SENSE – Transitional Justice Center that opened last year.

The young participants demonstrated a notable interest to find out in what ways SENSE – having reported on the war-crimes trials and the facts established at the Tribunal - contributed to dealing with the past and the development of the culture of remembrance.

The project of the summer camp/school for the young educators working on dealing with the past and remembrance was developed and organized by Documenta center in Zagreb, Croatia, and the European center for the education of the young from Weimar, Germany. The camp is taking place 18-31 August 2018 in Zagreb, Vukovar, Pula and Rijeka. Its 65 participants come from 12 European countries.