The opening of the multimedia exhibition "Srebrenica:Genocide in Eight Acts" on July 7 at the SENSE Center in Pula will mark the beginning of the campaign "Together Against the Denial Virus" involving fifteen civil society organizations.

SENSE Transitional Justice Center has brought together civil society organizations from Croatia, BosniaCivic organisations in coalition for the campaign SREBRENICA 25:TOGETHER AGAINST THE DENIAL VIRUS and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide by launching a campaign SREBRENICA 25: TOGETHER AGAINST THE DENIAL VIRUS

 The "virus" of denial of genocide and other war crimes committed during the 1990's is more harmful to the post-Yugoslav societies than the Corona virus because it negatively affects not only the present generation but future generations as well. We are witnessing those harmful effects almost on daily bases, unfortunately. Nationalistic incidents and acts of hate keep happening throughout the region and the perpetrators are often young persons, born after the wars of the 1990's.

Our campaign will be launched on July 7, 2020 with the opening of the multimedia exhibition at the SENSE Center in Pula and will last until July 11, the 25th anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica. The exhibition displays the audiovisual and documentary material collected in a unique interactive narrative called "Genocide in Eight Acts", available at, The narrative explains the process of the investigation, the reconstruction of events and the legal prosecution of the Srebrenica crimes before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Video messages recorded in The Hague by the president of the ICTY/IRMCT, judge Carmel Agius, and the chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz will be broadcast during the campaign opening ceremony at SENSE Center.

Exhibitions and other associated events will be simultaneously organized at other locations by some of the partners in the campaign: BH Historical Museum in Sarajevo, Documenta in Zagreb, Foundation Truth, Justice, Reconciliation in Tuzla, Cultural center in Visoko and Kosovo Humanitarian Law Centre. The remaining partners will broadcast the campaign on their web sites and through social media.

The opening and closing of the campaign taking place at the SENSE center will be live streamed on SENSE's YouTube channel and Facebook page through the social media of our partners and broadcast on several regional and local TV stations.

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